Checklist for Maternity, Parental, Medical or Family Medical Leave for Salary Award Recipients


  1. Assemble the request package in the order listed below;
  2. Submit the request package to CIHR at least thirty (30) days in advance of the leave, if possible. If the reason for the leave comes suddenly and unexpectedly, the request package must be submitted as soon as is reasonably possible.

From the Nominated Principal Applicant:

A signed letter:

  • requesting and justifying the leave;
  • indicating the specific start and end dates of the leave to the extent possible.

From the Appropriate Authorized Official at the Institution Paid:

A signed letter:

  • providing their approval for the leave;
  • confirming the dates of the leave, in order that adjustments can be made to the dates of tenure of the salary award.

From a Certified Health Professional (for Medical or Family Medical leaves only):

  • A certificate confirming the need and length of time recommended for the leave.
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