2016 Funding Decisions Notifications


Funding Opportunity Competition Funding Decision
Catalyst Grant: COEN Initiative 201510INE View
Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Spring 2015 Competition 201505KRS View
Operating Grant: Health, Wellbeing & Extended Working Life 201506EWL View
Operating Grant: Industry-Partnered Collaborative Research (Fall 2015) 201509IPR View
Other: Canadian Council on Animal Care (2015) 201509ANC View
Other: Environments, Genes and Chronic Disease 201509ECD View
Environment-microbiome-gene interactions in chronic non-communicable diseases 201509EC1 View
Chronic non-communicable immunologically-mediated diseases 201509EC2 View
Chronic non-communicable metabolic diseases 201509EC3 View
Chronic non-communicable diseases related to reproduction, fetal and/or early childhood development 201509EC4 View
Other: Planning and Dissemination Grants– Institute/Initiative Community Support (Summer 2015 Competition) 201508PCS View
Other: Rapid Funding for DSEN Targeted Research – 2015-2016 201511DES View
Other: Travel Awards - Institute Community Support (Fall 2015 Competition) 201510ISU View
Prize: IHDCYH Talks 201510IHT View
Proof of Principle: Phase I (Fall 2015) 201509PPP View
Proof of Principle: Phase II (Fall 2015) 201509PP2 View
Team Grant: Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Consortium 201510TBI View
Team Grant: E-Rare-3 Joint Transnational Call (2015) 201506ERT View
Team Grant: European Research Projects of Neuroscience 201506ERN View
Team Grant: Neurodevelopmental Disorders 201506NDD View
Team Grant: SU2C Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team Research Funding 201504SU2 View
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