Trainees and Early Career Development

The Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (CIHR-INMD) is committed to supporting a new generation of health researchers in nutrition, metabolism, digestive system, kidneys and the liver. We will achieve this goal by providing important training, early career development and mentorship support to researchers. INMD embeds capacity development, and networks for support and mentorship of trainees, into each of the programs that it funds. This section includes resources designed to help you throughout your career path.

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CIHR Fellowships

CIHR’s Health Research Training Strategy aims to equip research trainees so that they emerge from their training as scientific, professional, or organizational leaders within and beyond the health research enterprise. Generating research leaders of tomorrow is a key objective for CIHR.

Fellowships provide support for highly qualified applicants in all areas of health research at the post-PhD degree or post-health professional degree stages to add to their experience by engaging in health research either in Canada or abroad.

INMD Priority Announcements

Gastroenterology (FGA)

The CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (INMD), in partnership with the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG), will provide funding for applications that are determined to be relevant to the research priority areas as described below:

  • applications that relate specifically to biomedical or clinical research related to gastroenterology that will contribute to building increased Canadian research capacity in the field.

More information on the research priorities of CIHR-INMD and CAG can be found on their websites.

Hepatology (HGY)

The CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (INMD), in partnership with the Canadian Association for the Study of Liver (CASL) and the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF), will provide funding for applications that are determined to be relevant to the research priority areas as described below:

  • Project proposals involving clinical and/or basic research that will advance the understanding of liver disease and ultimately contribute to patient management and care in Canada.

More information on the research priorities of CIHR-INMD, CASL and CLF can be found on their websites.

CIHR Funding Results / Recipients

Fellowship: Fall 2017 Priority Announcement - Clinical Nutrition, Diabetes, and Gastroenterology
Nominated Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
Eileen Crowley Hospital for Sick Children Genetic and Functional Studies in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Kristin Danko Brown University Translating meta-analysis evidence into practice: Development of a decision analysis model and interactive decision-making tool to support diabetes quality improvement in Canada
Lisa Martin University of Alberta Can nutrition care be optimized within an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol for colorectal cancer patients? The effect of pre-operative N-3 fatty acid supplementation on surgical outcomes
Caroline Tuck Queen’s University The role of dietary fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs) in the pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease
Ashley Untereiner University of Toronto Investigation of GABAA-R PAM-stimulated beta-cell regeneration and its correction of hyperglycemia and glucose intolerance in prediabetes and type 2 diabetes
Kirsten Ward Hartstonge University of British Columbia Understanding the role of a4ß7+ Tregs in the development and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program (KRESCENT)

INMD is pleased to announce the Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program (KRESCENT) 2019 funding opportunities in partnership with the Kidney Foundation of Canada (KFOC) and the Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN). Please visit ResearchNet for details about the KRESCENT/CIHR New Investigator Award and the KRESCENT/CIHR Fellowships

CIHR Funding Results / Recipients


Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 KRESCENT Post-Doctoral Fellowships and the 2019 KRESCENT New Investigator Awards.

Name Supervisor Institution Project Title
KRESCENT Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Sergei Clotet-Freixas Ana Konvalinka University Health Network Sex and Human Kidney Metabolism: New Insights into Diabetic Kidney Disease
Janine Farragher Brenda Hemmelgarn Calgary University A Pilot RCT of the PEP Program for Adults on Chronic Dialysis with Fatigue
Tyrone Harrison Brenda Hemmelgarn Calgary University Improving the perioperative care of patients with end-stage renal disease
Claire Martin Anne-Claude Gingras Mount Sinai Proteomic mapping of the kidney's blood filtration barrier
Marko Skrtik Lisa Robinson UHN Pro-resolving mediators and Slit2-Robo pathway in acute kidney injury
KRESCENT New Investigator Award
Meghan Elliott n/a Calgary University Supporting Engagement in Chronic Kidney Disease Care and Research
Gregory Hundemer n/a Ottawa Health Research Institute Characterizing Renal Outcomes in Overt and Subclinical Aldosterone Excess
Matthew Lanktree n/a McMaster University Assessing the Omnigenic Contribution to Chronic Kidney Disease


Congratulations to the 2018 Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program (KRESCENT) awardees!

Nominated Principal Investigator Supervisor Institution Project Title
KRESCENT Post-Doctoral Fellowship
David Collister Michael Walsh McMaster University Dialysis Symptom Control-Restless Leg Syndrome (DISCO-RLS) trial
Paraish Shivam Misra Maria Cristina Nostro,
Darren Yuen
University of Toronto Characterizing the potential of stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells as a treatment for diabetic nephropathy
KRESCENT New Investigator Award
Casimiro Gerarduzzi n/a Centre de recherche de l'hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont The Role of Matricellular Proteins in Kidney Repair and Development
Samuel Silver n/a Queen's University Primary care physician involvement and quality of care for patients on dialysis

Health System Impact Fellowships 2019

These fellowships were developed as a way to provide support to highly qualified individuals with a doctorate degree in health services and policy research, or related fields, to undertake experiential learning opportunities in health care organizations and also include academic mentorship. These awards were developed and launched in partnership with seven Institutes (IA, IAPH, ICR, ICRH, III, INMD, IPPH), CIHR’s SKTE Branch, Mitacs, the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé, and over 40 health system organizations.

Please visit ResearchNet for more information and the deadline for applications is April 2, 2019.

INMD Early Career Investigator (ECI) Partnership Prize (2019/2020)

The INMD Early Career Investigator (ECI) Partnership Prize will support ECI Prizes awarded by voluntary health organizations (such as non-profit organizations, professional organizations and registered charities) that recognize outstanding research related to the Institute's mandate. Partner organizations may apply directly to INMD for these awards. For additional information, please visit the INMD Early Career Investigator Partnership Prize page.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 INMD Early Career Investigator Partnership Prize!

CIHR Funding Results / Recipients

2018 CIHR-INMD/Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) Early Career Investigator: Rachel Murphy, PhD, University of British Columbia

2018 Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Young Investigator Award: Deanna Gibson, PhD, University of British Columbia

2018 CIHR-INMD/ Diabetes Canada (DC) Young Scientist Award: Patrick MacDonald, PhD, University of Alberta

CIHR-INMD’s Early Career Investigator Meeting

November 12-14, 2019
Canmore, Alberta

INMD’s Early Career Investigator Meeting will bring together researchers at the early stages of their academic careers (in the first 5 years of their first academic appointment) from across the mandate areas of INMD and from across all four research themes (biomedical, clinical, health services and policy, and population and public health) for an interactive and informative meeting to:

  1. enhance success in obtaining future funding;
  2. build bridges between researchers from different areas and themes;
  3. acquire additional skills to translate knowledge and build partnerships; and
  4. draw inspiration and mentorship from distinguished researchers

In selecting participants, we will take the following criteria into account:

  1. within five years of your first faculty appointment
  2. representation from all four health research themes
  3. representation across INMD mandate areas
  4. representation from a variety of backgrounds, including health care professionals engaged in research
  5. representation from across various geographic regions of Canada
  6. all participants must not have attended a previous Early Career Investigator meeting

If you fit the criteria and would like to apply, please contact Christine Dhara via email and she will send you an application form.

Application deadline: May 31, 2019


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