Gender Equity Data Analysis – CIHR competition success rates by gender (Project Grant)

Methods: The data in this section represents the competition results of CIHR’s first Project grant competition (2015/16). Please note that, unless specified, the data is presented as within-sex success rates to take into account the proportions of applications received from males and females.

Long description
Within-sex success rate (%) M 13.19
F 12.21

Competition Success Rates by Pillar

Long description
Biomedical Clinical HSS Pop Health
Within-sex success rate (%) M 14.18 10.44 13.68 5.97
F 11.83 11.96 11.17 15.57

Competition Success Rates by Career Stage

NB: Except for certain competitions, CIHR does not collect information on an applicant’s career stage. In the data below, the applicant’s age was used as an approximate facsimile to career stage.

Long description
35 and under 36-45 46-55 56-65 Over 65
Within-sex success rate (%) M 11.40 11.60 14.53 15.40 14.91
F 12.16 11.46 12.56 12.06 5.88

Note: The n-value is very low for Senior Investigators (over 65); therefore, the data should be interpreted with that in mind.

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