CRDCN Overview

Data Holdings

There are currently over 300 cycles of data from population and household surveys and censuses that are available, as well as an increasing number of administrative datasets. The number of datasets available for research is constantly growing.

While the RDCs offer data in many areas of the social sciences, approximately half of all projects undertaken using the RDCs have a health focus and rely on health-related data from Statistics Canada, including the following surveys and collections:

  • Canadian Health Measures Survey
  • Canadian Community Health Survey
  • National Population Health Survey
  • Mental Health Survey
  • Nutrition Survey
  • Healthy Aging Survey
  • Canadian Cancer Registry
  • Vital Statistics
  • Experiences with Primary Health Care Survey
  • Canadian Survey on Disability
  • Survey on Living with Chronic Disease in Canada
  • Survey on Living with Neurological Disease in Canada

Visit the CRDCN website for a complete list of the data sets that are currently available. To browse the list of projects currently under way, visit the Statistics Canada web site.

Training the next generation of researchers

In addition to providing access to detailed micro-data, a goal of the Network is to expand the pool of skilled quantitative researchers across Canada. About a third of the users are M.A. or PhD. students.

Every year, the CRDCN host a conference where researchers can present their research results, and students are encouraged to present and are welcome to attend. RDCs also offer a wide range of training opportunities and workshops, as well as summer schools, to students and researchers interested in developing statistical skills and methods. The list of activities is available on the CRDCN website

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