Peer Review Working Group Terms of Reference


A working meeting to discuss peer review processes and practices between CIHR and the research community was held on July 13, 2016. During this meeting, a number of changes to the peer review processes were agreed upon along with the establishment of smaller working group to assist CIHR in the effective and timely implementation of these changes.


The Peer Review Working Group mandate is to ensure the effective and timely implementation of the agreed upon solutions to further strengthen peer review practices and processes (See July 13, 2016 meeting outcomes). While the working group will be focused on the application of these solutions to the upcoming fall 2016 CIHR Project competition, where applicable, peer review process recommendations may be applied to the upcoming CIHR Foundation competition.


Full list of Peer Review Working Group members

The Peer Review Working Group will consist of members of the research community who participated at the July 13, 2016 meeting and CIHR Senior Management. The working group will be chaired by the College of Reviewers Executive Chair.

Terms and Meetings

The Peer Review Working Group will meet regularly, either by conference calls or face-to-face meetings, during the months of July and August 2016. If required, the term of the working group may be extended to successfully achieve its mandate.

Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the working group are expected to:

  • Work to ensure the timely implementation of agreed upon peer review process solutions
  • Actively participate in meetings
  • Treat CIHR matters with appropriate confidentiality


In addition to the above responsibilities, the Chair of the Peer Review Working Group will:

  • Work with CIHR staff to define agendas and supporting materials to enable effective discussions
  • Chair meetings


The Peer Review Working Group will provide direction and recommendations as to the effective implementation of the peer review process solutions. The working group recommendations will be brought to the attention of CIHR’s Governing Council for approval through the CIHR Chief Scientific Officer.


Service on the Peer Review Working Group is voluntary. Non-CIHR members will be reimbursed at Government of Canada rates for expenses incurred to attend meetings but will not receive honoraria or other financial compensation.


Secretariat support will be provided by CIHR.

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