2016 Foundation Grant and Project Grant results

Congratulations to the Project Grant and Foundation Grant recipients, and many thanks to the 2,000+ peer reviewers who made these competitions possible.

611 Grants awarded, $667M total invested, 13% overall success rate

Project Grant competition: A total of 491 research projects are being supported, as well as an additional 127 one-year bridge grants. This represents a total investment of $375,579,347.

Foundation Grant competition: A total of 120 Foundation Grant recipients have been awarded five to seven years of funding. This represents a total investment of $291,895,275.

The lists of recipients from both competitions are available via the above links.

Frequently asked questions about the Investigator-Initiated Research Program

CIHR's Investigator-Initiated Research Program supports approximately 2,600 nominated principal investigators every year, taking into consideration natural fluctuation throughout the years.

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