Project Grant: Application process

For the Project Grant: Spring 2018 competition, applicants can apply for up to three Priority Announcements (PAs). These offer additional sources of funding for highly ranked and meritorious applications that fall below the funding cut-off for the competition and that are relevant to specific CIHR research priority areas or mandates.

For more information, please refer to the "Description" section of the current funding opportunitywhich includes a link to PAs available. Details on how to apply are available in the Project Grant: Spring 2018 Application Instructions. Frequently Asked Questions were also developed to help familiarize yourself with the PA mechanism.

The Project Grant program includes a registration, and an application, followed by a single-stage committee-based peer review evaluation process.

Applications are completed in a 10-page "free-form" format (including figures and tables) that aligns with the adjudication criteria, as set out in the funding opportunity. This allows applicants to decide how much text to include to address each criterion. Applicants can also upload unlimited attachments including letters of support, questionnaires, additional tables and figures, up to five publications from the last five years, and any other relevant attachments.

In order to successfully complete their application, applicants are also required to include the relevant CV information by completing the relevant CVs through the Canadian Common CV (CCV). Instructions for completing the required CVs are outlined on the following pages:

Evaluation of submitted applications proceeds as detailed in the Peer Review Manual – Project:

  • Prior to the face-to-face committee evaluation, expert reviewers will review their assigned applications remotely by focusing on the concept (i.e., significance and impact of the research) and the feasibility (i.e., approaches and methods, and expertise, experience and resources) of the project.
  • At the face-to-face committee meeting, the same expert reviewers meet to streamline, discuss and rate applications.

Detailed instructions on how to complete a Project Grant registration and application are available in the reference materials below. Additional learning materials such as webinars and learning modules are also available on the CIHR Learning Activities and resources web page.



Priority Announcements

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