Better research, better health, better lives – Partnering for Impact

Together, we can achieve great things

Create health knowledge – and transform that knowledge into innovative ideas, products and services.

Move research evidence from the lab to the front lines of health practice, for the benefit of Canadian patients and the Canadian economy.

Harness research evidence to positively impact people’s lives.

Together, we can create health innovations that change lives.

Partnering with CIHR starts with a conversation. By combining resources and expertise, we can maximize the potential of our research efforts.

At CIHR, we are more than a funding agency…
We are Canada’s premier health research partner

CIHR has over 150 partnerships with organizations in the private, charitable, and public sectors.

We pursue bold, innovative research in:

  • eHealth
  • Commercialization
  • Patient-oriented research
  • Aboriginal health
  • Environmental health
  • Infectious diseases
  • Dementia and mental health
  • Chronic diseases and more…

We can facilitate large scale research collaborations.

The health research enterprise is a dynamic, changing, and inter-related system. As Canada’s health research agency, we are positioned to provide a big-picture view of the national and global health research landscape, and access to world-class research.

We can support you in diverse ways.

Different partners seek different resources and different solutions. As Canada’s health research leader, we can provide your organization with rigorous peer review that meets the highest scientific standards, and experts that can design custom research programs.

Creating a healthier Canada and a healthier world

Contact us to find out more and so that we can learn about your needs and interests.

CIHR Partnerships
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