Hepatitis C Research Outcome Stories

Research in Action

The PHAC/CIHR Hepatitis C Research Initiative is supporting experienced and committed hepatitis C researchers who are developing new knowledge that contributes to evidence-based health policies, programs and interventions.  Research leads to better treatments, therapies and vaccines and, more effective public health responses, practices, guidelines, and quality assurance practices.

The initiative is supporting hepatitis C research in four key streams:

  • Biomedical/Clinical;
  • Knowledge Translation;
  • Psychosocial/Behavioural/Epidemiology Stream; and
  • Training.


  • Developing novel strategies to prevent and treat liver cancer, specifically among chronically infected HCV patients.
  • Designing future generation HCV vaccines and novel virus protein-based therapies.
  • Developing novel strategies to help improve the delivery of health services to those affected by polysubstance abuse, psychosis and viral infection.
  • Creating a viral hepatitis northern network: a platform for addressing viral hepatitis in the Canadian North.
  • Understanding the molecules of HCV to provide new avenues of treatment.

Knowledge Translation

  • Developing an action plan to address HIV and HCV in Atlantic Canada to help shape policy and improve the quality of life of those affected by HIV and HCV.
  • Understanding the harm reduction needs of people who smoke drugs for the prevention of HIV and HCV transmission.
  • Addressing HIV and HCV vulnerability of young Aboriginal people who use drugs.


  • Understanding the role of contextual and neighbourhood factors of injection drug users to help inform public health authorities for the future planning of prevention programs for injection drug users.
  • Examining the impact of prevention, treatment, enforcement, and harm reduction strategies on rates of initiation into injection drug use among high-risk youth.
  • Investigating and addressing barriers to HIV and HCV care among injection drug users.


  • Providing a unique, multidisciplinary HIV and HCV training environment to coordinate and foster the mentorship of the next generation of outstanding HIV and HCV researchers across Canada.
  • Developing a Canadian team of experts from clinical, social and basic sciences to address the diverse and complex issues posed by chronic HCV.
  • Training of biomedical researchers in different disciplines to solve complex infectious diseases problems.
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