Titulaires d'une subvention du volet Fondation de 2015

Demandes financées : 150, valeur moyenne des subventions : 2.7M $, Durée des subventions : 5-7 ans

Les subventions du volet Fondation offrent aux meilleurs chercheurs canadiens un financement stable à long terme pour leur permettre de se concentrer sur des programmes de recherche ambitieux et prometteurs. Consultez la page de chercheurs en vedette pour en savoir davantage sur leur travail.

Le tableau ci-dessous présente les récipiendaires des subventions du premier concours du volet Fondation. Pour plus de renseignements sur le concours, consultez la notification des décisions de financement.


Les titres de projet sont donnés dans la langue utilisée par le chercheur dans sa demande de subvention.

Checheur principal Titre du projet Établissement Région
Lam, Wan L An integrative approach to understand lung cancer development in smokers and non-smokers University of British Columbia BC
Lam, Tony K Metabolic Impact of Nutrient Sensing-dependent Neuronal Mechanisms in the Gut and the Brain University Health Network ON
Dilworth, F J Epigenetic Regulation of Muscle  Regeneration in Health and Disease Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ON
Zhong, Toni Development of a National Quality Improvement Program in Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction to Optimize Patient-Centred Experience. University Health Network ON
Charron, Frederic Shh signaling in normal and pathological nervous system development Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal QC
Gingras, Anne-Claude Functional proteomics of signaling in health and disease Mount Sinai Hospital ON
Mcneill, Helen Coordinating tissue growth and tissue organization: Fat cadherins  and the Hippo kinase pathway Mount Sinai Hospital ON
Stukel, Therese A Measuring and Evaluating the Performance of integrated Health Systems for Complex Chronic Disease Patients Sunnybrook Research Institute ON
Brown, Eric D Understanding and Subverting Bacterial Survival Strategies McMaster University ON
Sin, Donald Using Multi-Omics To Discover Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease University of British Columbia BC
Murphy, Timothy H Enabling novel circuit-based treatments for stroke: insights from cortical circuit monitoring and manipulation in mouse models. University of British Columbia BC
Li, Ren-Ke Rejuvenation of aged cells and recipients to enhance cardiac regeneration and prevent progressive heart failure University Health Network ON
Graham, Ian D Moving knowledge into action for more effective practice, programs and policy: A research program focusing on integrated knowledge translation University of Ottawa ON
Knoll, Gregory A Research Program to Improve Patient Outcomes in Kidney Transplantation Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ON
Zatorre, Robert J Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience: Pathways, Processes, Plasticity and Predispositions McGill University QC
Zamponi, Gerald W Voltage gated calcium channels: molecular targets for pain therapeutics University of Calgary AB
Wood, Evan Positioning Canada as an international leader in addiction research and education to improve care and reduce costs to the health care system University of British Columbia BC
Peters, Terence M Program for Image-guided  Minimally Invasive Surgery and Therapy (PI-MIST) University of Western Ontario ON
Eng, Janice J
Profil du chercheur
Optimizing and maintaining abilities after stroke University of British Columbia BC
Marette, André Pathogenesis and treatment of obesity-linked inflammation, insulin resistance and cardiometabolic complications Université Laval QC
Divangahi, Maziar Regulation of Anti-Microbial Macrophage Response to Pulmonary Infections Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Sicheri, Frank Structural Principles of Signal Transduction Mount Sinai Hospital ON
Dedhar, Shoukat R The Role of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression: Identification and Therapeutic Intervention of Novel Targets University of British Columbia BC
Shoichet, Molly S Polymeric Biomaterials for Applications in Medicine University of Toronto ON
Sauvageau, Guy Chemical and Genetic Interrogation of Human HSC Self-Renewal: Towards Optimal Cord Blood Grafts Université de Montréal QC
Bercik, Premysl
Collins, Stephen M
Microbiome and gut-brain axis: A translational approach for intestinal and neuropsychiatric diseases. McMaster University ON
Zwicker, Jill G Using Brain Imaging to Determine Predictors of Developmental Coordination Disorder and Response to Intervention University of British Columbia BC
Bader, Gary D From correlation to causation in genomics: identifying mechanisms underlying disease University of Toronto ON
Schulz, Richard (Rick) Matrix metalloproteinases in cardiovascular health and disease: from bench to bedside University of Alberta AB
Zwaigenbaum, Lonnie
Bryson, Susan E
Profil des chercheurs
A Foundation Grant to Improve Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder University of Alberta AB
Prentki, Marc
Profil du chercheur
Lipid metabolism, insulin secretion and energy homeostasis Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) QC
Granville, David J Granzymes in Tissue Injury, Inflammation and Repair University of British Columbia BC
Miller, Freda D From stem cells to circuitry: building and rebuilding the mammalian nervous system Hospital for Sick Children ON
Craig, Ann Marie Molecular analysis of synapse development University of British Columbia BC
Thebaud, Bernard Clinical translation of stem cell-based therapies for neonatal lung diseases Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ON
Andrews, Brenda J Systems Genetics & Cell Biology: Mapping Biological Pathways in the Eukaryotic Cell University of Toronto ON
Schiffrin, Ernesto L Vascular remodeling in hypertension and cardiometabolic disease: from mice to humans Jewish General Hospital QC
Naugler, Christopher Misutilization of laboratory tests: pathways to correction University of Calgary AB
Scherer, Stephen W
Profil du chercheur
Genomes to Outcomes in Autism Spectrum Disorders Hospital for Sick Children ON
Anand, Sonia S Deciphering the causes of, and developing interventions to reduce, cardio-metabolic risk factors among ethnic groups in Canada McMaster University ON
Jung, Mary E Self-Regulation of Exercise Behaviour in Individuals with Prediabetes: From Evidence to Community Implementation University of British Columbia BC
Azoulay, Laurent Cancer pharmacoepidemiology: a population-based assessment of the risks of prescription drugs in vulnerable populations Jewish General Hospital QC
Frayne, Richard Quantitative MR Imaging of Vascular Contributions to Aging, Cognitive Decline and Stroke University of Calgary AB
Sareen, Jitender Defining the Longitudinal Course, Outcomes, and Treatment Needs of Vulnerable Canadians with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. University of Manitoba MB
Cohen-Adad, Julien Shifting the paradigm of spinal cord quantitative MRI École polytechnique de Montréal QC
Booth, Gillian L Building Healthier Cities: a Canadian Initiative To Identify Environmental Solutions to curb obesity (The 'Healthy Cities, Healthier Lives' Research Program) St. Michael's Hospital ON
Chertkow, Howard M Typical and atypical Alzheimer Disease: salivary tau biomarkers, therapy with neuromodulation, and disease subtypes. Jewish General Hospital QC
Marra, Marco A Exploring the relationship between the genome and the epigenome in cancers University of British Columbia BC
Lye, Stephen J Pregnancy Complications and Developmental Health: Mechanisms, Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Mount Sinai Hospital ON
Raymond, Lynn A Aberrant NMDA receptor and synaptic signaling in vulnerability to neurodegeneration: Focus on Huntington disease University of British Columbia BC
Rottapel, Robert K The Architecture of Feedback Signaling Networks in Normal and Cancer Cells University Health Network ON
Gill, John S Strategies to achieve self-sufficiency in kidney transplantation in Canada University of British Columbia BC
Slutsky, Arthur S
Zhang, Haibo
Mechanisms and Therapies of ARDS St. Michael's Hospital ON
Yokota, Toshifumi Development of Novel Therapy for Neuromuscular Diseases University of Alberta AB
Brisson, Marc
Profil du chercheur
Using mathematical modeling and health economics to evaluate and optimize infectious disease prevention strategies Université Laval QC
Pike, G. Bruce Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Structure and Function University of Calgary AB
Hakem, Razqallah Investigation of the crosstalk of DNA Double strand break signaling/repair with Notch and Wnt signaling pathways; and determination of their roles in cancer development and therapies. University Health Network ON
Shah, Sohrab P The clonal dynamics of ovarian cancers: phylogenetic models of chemosensitivity and resistance University of British Columbia BC
Beier, Frank Molecular Pathways Driving Osteoarthritis University of Western Ontario ON
Grady, Cheryl L Exploring the role of the frontoparietal control network across the adult lifespan Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care ON
Ogilvie, Gina S Integrated global control and prevention of HPV related diseases and cancer University of British Columbia BC
Lehoux, Pascale N Responsible innovation in health: Designing technologies for sustainable healthcare systems Université de Montréal QC
Côté, Jacques Control of Genome Expression and Maintenance by MYST-ING Tumor Suppressor Complexes. Université Laval QC
Barnabe, Cheryl C
Profil du chercheur
Arthritis care for indigenous populations University of Calgary AB
Klein, Marina B Tracking a revolution: Evaluating the impact of modern HCV therapy on HIV-HCV coinfection Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Malkin, David D Molecular Determinants of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Hospital for Sick Children ON
O'Connor, Deborah L
Unger, Sharon
Profil des chercheurs
Maximizing Mothers' Milk for Preterm Infants (MaxiMoM) Hospital for Sick Children ON
Franco, Eduardo L
Coutlée, François
Research Program on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Associated Cancers McGill University QC
James, Matthew T Better Prediction and Decision Support Tools to Improve Care and Outcomes for Patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) University of Calgary AB
Stergiopoulos, Vicky Improving Mental Health Care for High Risk and Disadvantaged Populations: Evidence to Inform Policy and Practice St. Michael's Hospital ON
Afifi, Tracie O
Profil du chercheur
Preventing Child Maltreatment: Changing a Child's Trajectory, Improving Health, and Strengthening Families. University of Manitoba MB
Kahn, Susan R Improving long term outcomes after venous thromboembolism (VTE) Jewish General Hospital QC
Yip, Calvin K Molecular mechanisms of autophagy regulation University of British Columbia BC
Schurr, Erwin A Host genetic dissection of mycobacterial infection phenotypes Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Rachubinski, Richard A Peroxisomes in Health and Disease University of Alberta AB
Ohashi, Pamela S Regulating CD8 immunity and tumor immunity University Health Network ON
Yusuf, Salim
Profil du chercheur
Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) Program: causes, consequences, and impact of health systems for CVD and other NCDs McMaster University ON
Andrews, David W Assembly of apoptotic as well as additional protein complexes on sub-cellular membranes Sunnybrook Research Institute ON
Harper, Mary-Ellen Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Redox Biology in Obesity and Related Disease University of Ottawa ON
Benchimol, Eric I The Canadian Gastro-Intestinal Epidemiology Consortium (CanGIEC): Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Canada Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario ON
Menzies, Richard Tackling the two greatest obstacles to Tuberculosis elimination: Treatment of latent infection and drug resistant disease. Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Grinstein, Sergio The cell physiology of innate immunity: signal transduction, ion transport and membrane traffic. Hospital for Sick Children ON
Tarnopolsky, Mark A
Profil du chercheur
Characterization of novel exersomes that mediate the systemic pro-metabolic effects of exercise in aging and neuromuscular disorders. McMaster University ON
Shannon, Kate Structural Determinants, Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS: Reducing Health & Social Inequities University of British Columbia BC
Yeates, Keith O Advancing Concussion Assessment and Treatment in Children and Youth University of Calgary AB
Pibarot, Philippe J Novel Approaches for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Aortic Valve Stenosis Université Laval QC
Frankland, Paul W Memory function and dysfunction Hospital for Sick Children ON
Petrides, Michael Comparative functional and anatomical study of human and monkey cortex McGill University QC
Bombard, Yvonne
Profil du chercheur
Integrating genomic technologies in health care: evidence, values and health policy St. Michael's Hospital ON
Bourque, Charles W Central control of osmoregulation in health and disease Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Iyer, Srividya N
Malla, Ashok K
Enhancing youth mental health: A program of research into mental healthcare needs, pathways, outcomes and services Douglas Hospital Research Centre QC
Ehrlicher, Allen J Cellular mechanotransduction in the actin cytoskeleton. McGill University QC
Kirton, Christopher A
Profil du chercheur
The Alberta Perinatal Stroke Program: Neuromodulation to Optimize Outcomes University of Calgary AB
Grimshaw, Jeremy M Promoting implementation of evidence-based care Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ON
Pukatzki, Stefan Microbial Competition in Disease: Mechanisms and Applications University of Alberta AB
Nicholls, Tonia L Violence, Victimization, and Crime among Marginalized Populations: Research to Advance Care and Management University of British Columbia BC
Dagher, Alain Functional Neuroimaging of dopamine systems: application to Parkinson's Disease, addiction and obesity. McGill University QC
Alary, Michel Vers des approches plus efficientes en prévention du VIH et en santé reproductive au travers une approche d'équité en santé: programme de recherche interventionnelle chez les femmes travailleuses du sexe en Afrique de l'Ouest. Université Laval QC
Strynadka, Natalie C
Profil du chercheuse
Structure-based Antibiotic Discovery on the Bacterial Membrane University of British Columbia BC
Cullen, Kathleen E Program of investigating vestibular physiology and its disorders McGill University QC
Pickering, J. Geoffrey Vascular aging, repair, and regeneration University of Western Ontario ON
Lix, Lisa M Advancing the Science of Data Quality for Electronic Health Databases: Applications to Chronic Disease Research and Surveillance University of Manitoba MB
Cook, Deborah J Improving Outcomes Of Critically Ill Patients McMaster University ON
Watts, Tania H Regulation of immunity by TNFR family members: from mechanisms of viral control to biomarkers of therapeutic outcome University of Toronto ON
Boone, Charles M Principles of Global Genetic Interaction Networks University of Toronto ON
Lerch, Jason P
Henkelman, R. Mark
Imaging of normal and abnormal brain development in mice and humans. Hospital for Sick Children ON
Post, Martin Lung Development, Injury and Repair Hospital for Sick Children ON
Rouleau, Guy A Genetic & Biological Studies of Brain Disorders McGill University QC
Boilard, Eric
Profil du chercheur
Platelets and their microparticles: versatile players of inflammation Université Laval QC
Herzog, Walter Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics of the Musculoskeletal System University of Calgary AB
Hogg, Robert S Expansion of Antiretroviral Therapy and its Impact on Vulnerable Populations in Canada and Global Settings Simon Fraser University BC
Ford, James D
Profil du chercheur
A research program on adaptation to the health effects of climate change in the Canadian Arctic McGill University QC
Kubes, Paul The interplay between subtypes of neutrophils, monocytes, macrophage, iNKT cells and platelets in infection, sterile injury and metastasis in the liver and other organs University of Calgary AB
Germain, Lucie Les cellules souches épithéliales et le génie tissulaire : de la recherche fondamentale à la recherche clinique Université Laval QC
Mishra, Sharmistha Mathematical Modeling and Epidemiology to inform HIV Program Science St. Michael's Hospital ON
Tu, Jack V The CANHEART Study: Using big data to transform the prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases Sunnybrook Research Institute ON
Durocher, Daniel
Profil du chercheur
DNA double-strand break responses in health and disease Mount Sinai Hospital ON
Lester, Richard T
Profil du chercheur
Evidence to action for Canadian and global mobile health (mHealth) communication to promote patient engagement in care: a rigorous implementation science approach University of British Columbia BC
Devereaux, Philip J Predicting and preventing the major vascular complications of surgery McMaster University ON
Rivest, Serge Therapeutic properties of innate immune cells and system for brain diseases. Université Laval QC
Hegele, Robert A Clinical translation of genomic understanding of cardiometabolic risk University of Western Ontario ON
Seuntjens, Jan P Monte Carlo techniques in the optimization of radiation therapy delivery and outcomes Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Cohen, Eyal Health Outcomes of Children with Medical Complexity and their Caregivers Hospital for Sick Children ON
Ruthazer, Edward S Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying activity-dependent neural circuit development McGill University QC
Platt, Robert W Statistical Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology and Perinatal Epidemiology Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Philpott, Dana J Innate immune regulation of intestinal homeostasis: insight into Crohn's disease pathogenesis. University of Toronto ON
Mak, Tak W Dissection of Tumorigenic and Inflammatory Signaling Pathways to Identify Novel Therapeutic Approaches University Health Network ON
Hill, Matthew N Corticolimbic Endocannabinoid Signaling and the Regulation of Stress and Anxiety University of Calgary AB
Leung, Peter C Hormonal determinants of women's reproductive health and disease University of British Columbia BC
Tonelli, Marcello Patient-centred care of comorbidity for people with chronic kidney disease University of Calgary AB
Stiell, Ian G
Profil du chercheur
Improving Care for Emergency Department and Pre-Hospital Patients with Acute and Life-Threatening Conditions Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ON
Woodgett, James (Jim) R Genetic analysis of signal transduction pathways involved in human diseases. Mount Sinai Hospital ON
Maguire, Jonathon L TARGet Kids!: Optimizing Human Potential St. Michael's Hospital ON
Rak, Janusz Targeting vascular mechanisms of cancer progression Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre QC
Gotman, Jean Electrical and metabolic manifestations of human focal epilepsy McGill University QC
Klip, Amira Cell biology and physiology of muscle insulin delivery, insulin action and insulin resistance leading to diabetes Hospital for Sick Children ON
Veillette, André Genetic and molecular studies of lymphocyte activation, immunodeficiencies and autoimmunity Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal QC
Szatmari, Peter Pathways to Better Developmental Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Phase III Centre for Addiction and Mental Health ON
Lupien, Sonia J
Profil du chercheur
Stress and the Power of Others : Generating New Knowledge and Translating it Into Successful Education Programs Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal QC
Park, Morag Mechanisms of Met activation in cancer and therapeutic intervention McGill University QC
Duncan, Roy
Profil du chercheur
Viral membrane fusion machines: evolution, applications, mechanism-of-action and pathogenic implications Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) NS
Rossant, Janet
Profil du chercheur
Making the blastocyst; from lineage specification to stem cells to stem cell therapies Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) ON
Sorensen, Poul H Targeting the tumour cell stress response in high-risk childhood cancers University of British Columbia BC
Stewart, Duncan J From endothelial biology to meaningful clinical impact Ottawa Hospital Research Institute ON
Wheeler, Michael B Pancreatic Beta Cell Health and Diabetes University of Toronto ON
Wrana, Jeffrey L Morphogen Signalling in Development and Disease Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto) ON
Archer, Stephen L Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Queen's University ON
Nagy, Andras Somatic cell reprogramming and therapeutics Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto) ON
Julien, Jean-Pierre From pathogenic pathways to novel therapeutic strategies in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Université Laval QC
Kieffer, Timothy J Hormonal Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis University of British Columbia BC
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