Dr. Kristin Burnett


Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Indigenous Studies
Lakehead University

Committee membership

Standing Committee on Ethics


Dr. Kristin Burnett is a faculty member in the Department of Indigenous Studies at Lakehead University. She is currently the Chair of the Research Ethics Board (2019-2022). Dr. Burnett also served as the first Program Coordinator of the newly established graduate Program in Social Justice Studies (2016-2020) and held a Lakehead University Research Chair in Indigenous Health and Well-Being (2014-2016). Dr. Burnett received a Ph.D. in History from York University (2006), and both an MA (1999) and BA (1997) from the University of Calgary. As a historian in the social history of medicine, Dr. Burnett’s research and policy work investigates the systemic challenges, historical and contemporary, that people face accessing health care and social services, in particular she focuses on the roles played by settler colonialism and racism. Dr. Burnett has extensive experience working with and for Indigenous communities.  Dr. Burnett is currently working on several externally funded research projects that look at the histories of colonial health care in northern Ontario, Indigenous food sovereignty, Indigenous data management, and the role personal identification like birth certificates plays in regards to the social determinants of health.

As Chair of the Research Ethics Board, Dr. Burnett has helped to co-develop guiding principles to navigate and ensure best practices in the constantly changing research landscape. For example, she has co-developed guidelines to inform and guide research with transgender communities and ethical consideration when working with diverse online communities. Of particular concern is the growing online harassment of researchers, especially women and  racialized people, who are conducting research on hate groups and sexual and gender based violence.

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