CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board (IAB) Update

Our final Institute Advisory Board (IAB) meeting of 2020 took place virtually on November 25, 2020. During this half-day meeting, we covered a wide breadth of topics from a number of speakers, facilitating rich and robust conversations and feedback. The IAB members welcomed a guest with lived experience to the meeting, Ms. Sucdi Barre, and greatly appreciated her willingness to share the impactful story of her health experience.

The following are highlights of the meeting:

  • CIHR continues to support the health research ecosystem through the ongoing COVID-19 response and IAB members continue to support and inform the inclusion of ICRH related mandate areas and clinical trials in the CIHR pandemic response and recovery.
  • Evidence is accumulating relating to persistent symptoms following the acute COVID-19 illness, known as long-haul COVID. Many of the identified post-COVID-19 sequelae include circulatory and respiratory effects, highlighting the importance that these research areas are included in CIHR recovery efforts.
  • An overview of the active steps CIHR is taking to address Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the national health research enterprise was presented. In addition, the continued actions of ICRH to support and incorporate EDI principles in the development of its strategic initiatives were highlighted.
  • An in-depth discussion occurred on various collaborative funding models designed to bring researchers together with a broad range of engaged stakeholder groups and sectors to address complex health research challenges. Discussions focused on Network, Team and Consortia models. The discussions will inform the use of these collaborative funding models by ICRH for delivery of strategic funding opportunities.

Though 2020 presented unique challenges to the research community, CIHR worked diligently to overcome these in order to deliver funding research initiatives under exceptional circumstances. Our IAB members expressed how valuable they find the continuous engagement with Institute staff and the ongoing opportunities to provide input and advice to the Institute. The next meeting of the IAB is planned for the Spring of 2021.

On behalf of ICRH, we would like to thank all the attendees for their time and dedication to address issues of importance to the circulatory and respiratory health research community over the past year, in the midst of ongoing challenges associated with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The leadership wished members a happy holiday period and best wishes for success in 2021.

Dr. PJ Devereaux, Chair, CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board
Dr. Marilyn MacKay-Lyons, Vice-Chair, CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board

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