Additional information on responding to previous reviews

As in previous competitions, if you resubmit an unsuccessful application, you may provide a response (up to 2 pages) to previous reviewer comments. In the past, only responses to previous reviews from Project Grant applications could be included in Project applications. CIHR has decided, however, that applicants should be permitted to also include a response to previous reviewer comments from their application to any CIHR strategic competitions. The rationale for this decision is that:

  • Applicants who submitted an application to a strategic funding opportunity have received thoughtful, valuable reviews from experts in the field. Including the response to previous reviews as part of their Project Grant application allows the applicant to contextualize their application and highlight the history of the application.
  • The two additional pages will benefit both applicants and reviewers. They will allow the applicant to put the information into context and explain how the two applications are related. Reviewers will receive additional information, context and history related to the strategic application, including both strengths and weaknesses identified by reviewers who are experts in the field.
  • Experts dedicated time and effort to preparing reviews for the previous strategic grant application. By including these reviews in Project Grant applications, CIHR can ensure that reviewer expertise is used in the most appropriate way.

If you choose to respond to previous reviews, you must include all the reviews received (the reviews do not count towards the two-page response limit). You do not have to respond to all the comments in the reviews—only those that are relevant to your revised application.

Reviewers will not read your response if you do not include all the previous reviews.

For more information on how to include previous reviews in your application, please consult the Project Grant application instructions.

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