Update on peer review for the Spring 2020 Project Grant competition

August 11, 2020

Dear colleagues,

We have completed the first week of live online peer review committee meetings for the Spring 2020 Project Grant competition using MS Teams.

Based on the feedback from peer reviewers, Scientific Officers, Committee Chairs, and CIHR staff, I'm pleased to report that the peer review meetings are proceeding nicely. All those involved have risen to the challenge of mirroring, as much as possible, the in-person peer review experience while adapting it for the online environment.

This has been a learning experience for us all, and CIHR has been refining the process as we go to ensure that we deliver the high-quality peer review process researchers expect and deserve. Thanks to everyone for their patience and adaptability.

We have received helpful feedback from peer review participants—lessons learned that we will incorporate into our processes for peer review for the Fall 2020 Project Grant competition. Thanks to everyone who has provided helpful suggestions and comments. We invite you to complete the survey that will be sent shortly to gather your specific feedback.

With another few weeks of busy peer review meetings before us, I want to wish everyone well and once again thank you for volunteering your time.


Adrian Mota,
Associate Vice-President (Operations)
Research Programs
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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