Update to COVID-19 funding objectives


CIHR would like to apologize for the clarification that was issued yesterday. We know that everyone is dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and we did not want to make this more difficult for anyone. While the original intent of the funding was to collectively address all of the objectives as outlined in the funding opportunity, we appreciate that this was not clear in the posted description. Nonetheless, we should not have tried to clarify things so close to the deadline.

Given this, we will fully revert to the community’s common understanding of the objectives that were outlined when the funding opportunity was launched. As such, all applications that meet any of the objectives will be considered by the peer reviewers, regardless of whether they meet a single objective or any combination of the five overarching objectives. As always, we will rely on the peer review process to determine which applications merit funding and, to that end, we will ensure that the reviewers are also aware of this clarification.

Please note that we are also extending the deadline by 24 hours. All other aspects of the funding competition will remain as originally delineated.

To ensure that we are meeting our goal of investing the funding provided by the Government of Canada in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it is evolving, we will ensure that the breadth of projects funded cover the objectives of this call as a collective. Our approach to doing this is not changing and is outlined in the funding opportunity.

Again, we apologize for the confusion generated by yesterday’s clarification and extend our appreciation to all those who reached out quickly to highlight the issue.

Adrian Mota
Associate Vice-President, Research Programs

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