CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board (IAB) Update

Top from left to right: Catherine Cook, François Lamontagne, Grace Parraga, Andrew Pipe, Elaine Chong, Shurjeel Choudhri, John Fleetham, Liam Brunham and Susan Kahn. Bottom from left to right: Melissa Parker, PJ Devereaux, Marilyn MacKay-Lyons, Rita Suri

The CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board (IAB) met in Ottawa on November 27th, 2019. The meeting focused on emerging and priority topics for ICRH and CIHR including vaping and associated health effects, industry partnerships, international clinical trials, CIHR strategic planning and a featured talk on the connection between stroke and dementia. Key highlights and deliberations included:

  • The IAB highlighted that there is an opportunity to support policy and practice through evidence-based recommendations stemming from research. There is a gap for research evidence to advance our understanding of vaping habits and behaviours, associated health effects (including E-cigarettes, or Vaping, product use Associated Lung Injury {EVALI} and other lung injury), mental health and addiction health impacts; and the Board reiterated the need to consider dedicated research funding and ensure the inclusion of relevant expertise on CIHR led activities that may stem beyond research domains.
  • Robust and high-quality randomized controlled trials have the capacity to change clinical practice and reduce health care costs. Collaboration on funding for international multi-site clinical trials among different funding agencies is paramount. The importance of contributions from both intervention and non-intervention focused clinical trials were also highlighted.
  • The IAB heard from Dr. Vladimir Hachinski on the emerging scientific evidence linking cardiovascular, stroke and vascular dysfunction to vascular cognitive impairment and dementia.
  • The need to elevate the science and research literacy level of Canadians and benchmark the impact that CIHR funded research has on the health and wellness of Canadians as well as the many economic returns that result from CIHR investment in high-quality research.
  • The IAB heard about and subsequently supported the need to acknowledge CIHR funding by Institutions and researchers in all press releases and publications. The acknowledgement of funding will help elevate the profile, awareness and impact of CIHR heath research funding by the public.

The Chair/Vice-Chair on behalf of board would like to thank all the attendees for a successful meeting.

Dr. PJ Devereaux, Chair, CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board
Dr. Marilyn MacKay-Lyons, Vice-Chair, CIHR-ICRH Institute Advisory Board

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