CIHR Governing Council – November 2019 Meeting

On November 19 and 20, CIHR Governing Council (GC) met in Ottawa to discuss a number of priority files at CIHR, including equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), finance, and strategic planning.

With CIHR focused on developing a new Strategic Plan that will guide its investments over the coming years, GC spent a significant portion of the meeting deliberating the principles that would underpin this priority-setting exercise. Notably, GC reiterated that these decisions would be guided by the duty to fulfil CIHR’s mandate under the CIHR Act, including a commitment to:

  • supporting all four pillars of health research: biomedical, clinical, health services, and population health;
  • promoting excellence and maintaining face-to-face peer review;
  • ensuring a strong research pipeline that supports knowledge creation to generate new discoveries, and knowledge translation to move those discoveries into real-world benefits for Canadians;
  • supporting capacity building to ensure that Canada’s health research community remains strong, equitable, and diverse for generations to come; and
  • improving health for all Canadians and strengthening Canada’s health care system.

In December, CIHR will host a health research summit, which will be attended by the members of GC. This will provide another opportunity for CIHR representatives to connect with the research community and other stakeholders as CIHR seeks to establish the research priorities that the organization will pursue in the years ahead.

The meeting also provided the opportunity for GC to approve a number of changes to its slate of standing committees and related membership. Those changes and committee membership will be announced via the CIHR website shortly.

Dr. Jeannie Shoveller
Chair, CIHR Governing Council

Dr. Michael Strong
President, CIHR

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