Pre-announcement: Promoting child health through a collaborative approach to a streamlined ethics review

The CIHR Institute of Human Development Child and Youth Health (CIHR-IHDCYH) and Institute of Genetics (CIHR-IG) are pleased to pre-announce an upcoming funding opportunity: Promoting child health through a collaborative approach to a streamlined ethics review.

Anticipated Funding Opportunity Launch: August 2019
Full Application Deadline: November 2019
Anticipated Funding Start Date: April 2020

Once launched, the funding opportunity will be available on ResearchNet.

Investigators developing multi-site research studies in Canada often encounter challenges with gaining the Research Ethics Board (REB) approvals required, in particular where such studies are planned across more than one province.

In response to these challenges and assets, CIHR-IHDCYH and CIHR-IG are developing an initiative to Promote Child Health Research through a Collaborative Approach to a Streamlined Ethics Review. The current funding opportunity will enable the development of research support infrastructure that incorporates the following key concepts, identified during an extensive consultation process with the pediatric research and ethics communities:

  • Designed to support progression towards delegation of acceptance of a review, in a predictable, timely, and rigorous manner.
  • Separated to the greatest extent possible from the other parts of the approval and authorization process, including operational, science, and contractual pieces.
  • Based on a collaborative process that engages with groups according to their states of readiness, that is mindful of differences in provincial process and needs, and that supports the development of trust between REBs.
  • Includes a broad range of stakeholders to support both the development of the delegated process, as well as processes to address emerging areas such as regulatory requirements for innovative therapies (including trial designs), genomic medicine, and multi-source data integration.
  • Facilitates a streamlined ethics review process through the development of a platform with a single point of contact.
  • Includes the development of education pieces for both the researchers developing REB applications and for REB Chairs/Members.

The development of this research support infrastructure will provide an invaluable opportunity for pediatric research in Canada.

Research areas

This funding opportunity will support streamlining of the ethics approval process for pediatric research, including both research studies and clinical trials.

Funds available

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $2,500,000, enough to fund one grant at $500,000 per year for up to five years.

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