Health Research for Canadians: One of the most important investments we can make as a nation

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Faces of Health Research

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Health Research in Action

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It is not by chance that Canadians are living longer and healthier than ever. Rather, it is the result of many years of investment in health research.

Health research helps unravel the biological, chemical and molecular mechanisms of disease, and ultimately, saves lives. It results in discoveries that lead to more appropriate prevention strategies, more accurate diagnoses, more effective ways to alleviate suffering, and better treatments and cures. It allows us to better understand the close links between health outcomes and determinants of health such as social and economic status. And, finally, research contributes to a more efficient and effective health care system.

It is by searching that discoveries are made. Our health researchers and trainees are explorers and discoverers. They are both creators of knowledge and knowledge brokers. With every $100 million invested in health research, we create 1,800 jobs for those working to improve our quality of life and that of future generations. Their innovative spirit, enterprising drive, and thirst for discovery represent a sound investment in progress and growth. Investing in our researchers and their ideas is about investing in our well-being and prosperity, today and tomorrow.

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