CIHR’s Equity and Diversity Questionnaire: Video

Through its Equity Strategy, CIHR is committed to ensuring that its programs and peer review processes result in the fair and impartial treatment of all participants. Effective May 15, 2018, application participants for all CIHR programs must complete the Equity and Diversity Questionnaire before the application can be submitted.

We believe that collecting data on these important equity dimensions will allow us to monitor the equity performance of our funding programs and will inform evidence-based policy solutions designed to increase equity, diversity and inclusion among all those involved in the research enterprise.

Watch the video below to learn more about this initiative.

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    At the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, we know that research has the power to change lives.

    We manage a variety of open and targeted competitions across the spectrum of health.

    And, we support approximately 13,000 health researchers and trainees across the country. The Canadian research community, like Canada, is richly diverse.

    Our funding competitions must be fair and provide equitable access to our research funds.

    So how are we doing?

    We don't know.

    But with the right data, CIHR will be able to support funding equity more effectively.

    On May 15, 2018, CIHR will start collecting data on how applicants identify regarding:

    • Gender,
    • Age,
    • Indigenous identity,
    • Visible minority, and
    • Disability.

    When you apply to a CIHR competition, you will be asked to complete the Equity and Diversity Questionnaire in ResearchNet. It's simple, it's quick, and it's secure.

    Although completion of the questionnaire is mandatory for each applicant, your self-identification information is provided on a voluntary basis. And, a "prefer not to answer" option is available for each question.

    Once you save your questionnaire responses, two things happen. First, your confidential responses are securely stored (via your profile).

    Only you may view or edit this information.

    Second, (in your ResearchNet application) the status of your questionnaire is changed from "Pending" to "Completed".

    This occurs within the associated ResearchNet task.

    All tasks must be completed before the application can be submitted. So, the status of each person's questionnaire will be viewable to all application participants who have access to the application within ResearchNet.

    However, the status never reveals the confidential responses; it only indicates whether or not this mandatory activity has been completed.

    In accordance with the Government of Canada privacy practices and regulations, your data will only be used in an aggregated form in order to protect the identity of individuals.

    CIHR will then share updates on the equity performance of its programs with the research community, the intent being to identify any barriers, determine their causes and find the best way to move forward.

    To learn more, you can follow the links below this video.

    Diversity is more than diversity of scientific expertise. It includes diversity in the people conducting the research.

    Countless studies show that this diversity leads to more creativity, more innovation and more meaningful outcomes.

    Thank you for helping to make CIHR better.

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