ERA PerMed Research Projects on Personalized Medicine – Smart Combination of Pre-clinical and Clinical Research with Data and ICT Solutions

The first Call for Proposals has been launched by the International Consortium.

Personalized Medicine (PM) represents a paradigm shift from a “one size fits all” approach to the treatment and care of patients with a particular condition. To better support patients’ health and to target emerging therapies, new strategies will be developed using approaches in areas such as diagnostic tests, functional genomic technologies, molecular pathways, data analytics and real time monitoring of conditions. This is a step towards optimized outcome in the management of a patient’s disease or/and the predisposition to diseases. The still very fragmented field of PM lacks European/international cooperation and coordination at the cross-sectional as well as at the transnational level. A reorganization is needed in order to avoid a severe drawback to its development.

ERA PerMed partners have decided to conduct together up to 4 Joint Transnational Calls (JTC) and to launch the first and cofunded JTC in order to fund international high quality research projects in PM. ERA PerMed is thereby closely linked to ICPerMed and will foster the implementation of the Action Plan by funding transnational research projects in the field of PM. ERA PerMed launched the first Joint Transnational Call for Proposals to support translational research projects in the field of Personalized Medicine and to encourage and enable interdisciplinarity, in combining pre-clinical and/or clinical research with bio-informatics components.

ERA PerMed (2017-2022), the new ERA-Net Cofund Action on Personalized Medicine (PM), is supported by 31 partners from 22 countries and cofunded by the European Commission. It aims to align national and regional research strategies and funding activities, promoting excellence, reinforcing the competitiveness of European players in PM, and enhancing the collaboration with non-EU countries.

Please view the ICPerMed International Consortium for any other relevant details.

The aim of this funding opportunity is to fund projects showing clinical feasibility of Personalized Medicine in complex/multifactorial diseases as well as other diseases (as monogenic, rare diseases and cancer). Applicants are expected to combine pre-clinical and/or clinical research with bio-informatics components to enable data quality on one side and the potential applicability for health care providers on the other side. Proposals must be interdisciplinary and clearly demonstrate the potential impact in PM as well as the added value of transnational collaboration: sharing of resources (registries, diagnosis, biobanks, models, databases, diagnostic and bio-informatics tools, etc.), platforms/infrastructures, interoperability of data harmonization strategies and sharing of specific know-how.


  • To support translational research projects in the field of Personalized Medicine;
  • To encourage and enable interdisciplinarity, in combining pre-clinical and/or clinical research with bio-informatics components;

Funds available

The total amount available to Canadian researchers from CIHR and FRQS is $4,587,500 CAD, enough to fund ten (10) grants. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. The maximum amount available is $150,000 CAD per year for up to three (3) years for a total of $450,000 CAD, per grant.

Important dates

Webinar: The applicant webinar has been recorded and now available

Pre-proposal deadline to CIHR: no pre-proposal application to submit to CIHR.
Pre-proposal deadline to PerMed: April 10, 2018, 5 p.m.

Full application deadline to CIHR: July 5, 2018
Full application to PerMed: July 5, 2018

Notice of decision CIHR: December 1, 2018
CIHR funding start date: October 1, 2018

Contact information

For more information please contact: 
613-954-1968 or

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