Funding Analytics: Publically Available Data


CIHR has demographic information available for specific competitions. This information includes a variety of details for submitted and funded applications, such as primary research area, institution paid, gender and career stage of Nominated Principal Applicant, language of application, budget requested, and Indigenous Health Research relevance (as per the Indigenous Health Research committee).

The information is compiled for each competition into a summary slide deck. To request one, please send an e-mail to the Funding Analytics team and indicate which competition you are interested in.

The demographics decks currently available are:

  • Foundation Scheme: 2014 1st Live Pilot
  • Foundation Grant: 2015 2nd Live Pilot
  • Foundation Grant: 2016-2017
  • Project Grant: 2016 1st Live Pilot
  • Project Grant: Fall 2016
  • Project Grant: Fall 2017

Additional competitions will be added to this list as new decks become available.

Each May, year-end demographics focusing on types of funding (i.e., investigator-initiated, priority-driven, awards) will also be available by request.

Competition and Peer Review Design Studies

Data studies are being conducted by the Funding Analytics team to support improvements to our funding competition processes and peer review designs. The results of the completed studies are available through the links below. Additional studies are currently under way and will be posted in the coming months.

  1. Establishing a Threshold for Application Inclusion in PRC Discussions

Evaluation Reports

CIHR is responsible for conducting evaluations in order to assess outcomes and impacts of various programs and funding opportunities. View the completed evaluation reports

Open Government

CIHR grants and awards data, as well as certain competition data, are available on CIHR's section of the Open Government website.

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