Gender equity across CIHR programs

CIHR is conducting extensive analyses of the results of all of our funding programs as part of our effort to uncover potential sources of bias and other barriers to equitable access to CIHR funds.

The gender analyses led to three main gender-related observations:

  1. Overall, women and men experience comparable success rates in CIHR grant competitions; however, gender inequities exist in certain CIHR and tri-agency programs.
  2. Gender differences in the amount of grant funding approved exist in certain CIHR programs; however this difference disappeared when comparing "funds approved" with "funds requested".
  3. Gender inequities exist in the broader health research enterprise, and these may contribute to biases we see in our competitions.

CIHR's Gender Equity Framework, which describes high-level equity actions for CIHR, as well as areas for further analysis, is now available on our website.

Gender equity data analyses

Gender Inequities in CIHR Competition Success Rates March 24, 2017

Gender Differences in the Amount of Approved CIHR Funding August 15, 2017

Gender Inequities in the Broader Health Research Landscape March 24, 2017

As we continue to track equity-related issues in CIHR programs, additional analyses will be conducted and shared with the research community.

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