College Chairs Update – Expanded Advisory Role, College Enrolment Continues and Competition Changes

July 25, 2017

On behalf of the College Chairs, we would like to thank all of our colleagues who have recently accepted membership in the College of Reviewers. The invitations went out in June, and we have had a very positive response to date (more than 1,600 of the 2,000 invitees have accepted—and counting). Just as a reminder, we would like to clarify that an invitation to join the College is separate from an invitation to review for a specific competition (and vice versa). College members may be asked to review for the upcoming Project or Foundation Grant competitions, or for a strategic competition. When you are asked to review, you will be given the competition details and schedule at that time.

A second wave of College enrolment will begin later this summer and will include all CIHR-funded Nominated Principal Investigators within the last five years who meet the membership selection criteria, as well as those that have been nominated by their institution or who self-nominated and meet the membership selection criteria. CIHR will be working closely with Institutions throughout the enrolment process and seeking their feedback on candidates. College staff will also provide Vice Presidents (Research) with an update on their faculty who have agreed to join the College.

As you may have read in Dr. McInnes’ July 10th message, the College Chairs now have an expanded advisory role. We welcome this new part of our mandate. In addition to providing advice and guidance on building the College, we will also play a key advisory role related to CIHR’s peer review processes, including the ones used for the Project and Foundation competitions, to further ensure that peer review for CIHR’s major competitions is fair, transparent and equitable. 

On behalf of the College Chairs, we would like to emphasize our support for the announced changes to the Project and Foundation competitions. We will also continue to work with CIHR to implement the recommendations from our June College Chairs meeting, outlined in Dr. McInnes’ July 10th message on the future evolution of peer review at CIHR, and to further advance discussions related to future launches of the Project and Foundation Grant competitions.

We are delighted to continue our work with the College team at CIHR and we will keep you updated on our progress in building the College over the coming months. With the changes that CIHR has recently announced, we believe that it is the perfect time to work together as a community to build the College with qualified, committed members. If you receive an invitation to join us this summer, we hope that you will accept.


Paul Kubes, PhD
Executive Chair
College of Reviewers

Jane Rylett, PhD
Vice Executive Chair
College of Reviewers

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