CIHR executive appointments

April 21, 2017

Dear colleagues,

I am delighted to announce the following changes at CIHR:

  • Michel Perron has been appointed as CIHR’s Executive Vice-President (EVP). The EVP will be the senior officer of the organization and the primary government and administrative lead for the President. Working alongside CIHR’s Vice-Presidents, the EVP will ensure the coordinated management of all organizational affairs, while maintaining responsibility for the External Affairs and Business Development portfolio.
  • Jeff Latimer will assume the position of Vice-President, Competition Management (which replaces the former Associate Vice President, Program Operations). In addition, as we await the arrival of Dr. Anne Martin-Matthews in early May, Jeff has kindly agreed to serve as Interim Vice-President, RKTE. Many of you have already had the opportunity to work with Jeff over the past few years. While CIHR has faced many challenges during his time here, Jeff has done an outstanding job of working with the research community to address the problems associated with peer review. He will continue to make this task his major focus in this new role.

As I begin my term as Acting President of CIHR, I have made it a priority to work with you, and Jeff, to rectify the issues currently associated with peer review.

I want you to know that the employees of CIHR care deeply about the problems you are facing and are committed to finding ways to improve the peer review process. Our staff members have been listening to your concerns, have brought those issues to my attention, and have begun to develop solutions that will ensure a peer review system that is rigorous, fair, and efficient.

Roderick McInnes, CM, MD, PhD, FRSC
Acting President, CIHR

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