Funding Opportunity: Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control

A new funding opportunity offered by the CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH) in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (H&S) and Hypertension Canada (HTC)

Launch date: February 2017
Application deadline: May 2, 2017
Anticipated funding start date: July 1, 2017


Heart disease and stroke kill more Canadians each year than any other illness. A major risk factor for heart disease and stroke is hypertension, which contributes to half of all deaths caused by these conditions. It is estimated that 7.5 million Canadians have hypertension. Canada is taking a leadership role in combatting hypertension and has the world’s highest reported national rates of hypertension awareness, treatment and control.

Contributing to building Canada’s leadership in hypertension are CIHR and the Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada (H&S), which have a longstanding partnership to support a Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control. As funding for the current Chair comes to an end, CIHR and H&S have renewed their commitment to continue to partner on a Chair in Hypertension and Control. In addition, Hypertension Canada (HTC) has joined as an official partner on the 2017 launch of the Chair due to the success achieved by past Chairs.

The mandate of the Chair is to optimize the generation and application of knowledge to improve awareness, prevention and control of hypertension. This will be achieved by interacting and engaging with international partners, federal and provincial health care agencies, the food industry, health care providers, and the community at large. The Chair will interact with and enhance current Canadian programs, identify current gaps in hypertension prevention and control, and develop new policies, programs and interventions as necessary. The Chair is focused in CIHR Research Theme 3: Health Services Research.


The objective of this funding opportunity is to identify a Chair in the area of hypertension research who will focus on:

  • Improving awareness, prevention and control of hypertension;
  • Identifying gaps in Knowledge Translation and Exchange, and knowledge translation (KT) from evidence to practice for hypertension prevention and control;
  • Developing and evaluating new policies, programs and interventions aimed at reducing the burden and/or impact of hypertension;
  • Participating in mentoring and involving trainees; and,
  • Developing a research and policy program that will have strong potential to have a substantial impact on policy and/or the lives of many persons with hypertension within a 5-year time frame.

In addition, the Chair is expected to participate on HTC’s Operations Committee to integrate KTE and KT initiatives into HTC’s annual operations plans.

Funds Available

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $975,000 to support one Chair.

The maximum amount for the Chair is $195,000 per year for up to five years for a total of $975,000.

Of this $195,000:

  • $100,000 is available as salary support; and
  • $95,000 is available as a research allowance.

In addition, HTC will provide in-kind secretariat support for this activity of up to $30,000 per year.

Where can I learn more?

Full program details will be available in February 2017 on ResearchNet. For questions, please contact Laura McQuillan, Project Coordinator – ICRH, at

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