Budget Baseline Calculation Instructions

The intent of the Foundation Grant program is to continue to fund the most highly competitive Canadian researchers at similar levels to what they would have historically received through CIHR's Open funding programs. CIHR Foundation Grants are not meant to fund an investigator's entire program but rather provide financial support for the core component of the program.

Please note the following:

  • The budget module is a component of the Stage 2 application.
  • The budget request will not be factored into the overall scientific assessment of the Stage 2 application.
  • The period of support requested for the Foundation Grant is 7 years.

CIHR will provide all Stage 1 applicants who are selected to submit a Stage 2 application with a calculated CIHR budget baseline before the Stage 2 application deadline.

Approach for calculating baseline budgets is described below

For Program Leaders who have only held independent research positions within Canada throughout the baseline period, the baseline budget will equal to the highest of one of the following calculations:

  1. Average annual amount of open CIHR funding held as Nominated Principal Investigator during the five best consecutive fiscal years (i.e., April 1 to March 31) within the baseline periodFootnote 1. Note that only fiscal years in which a program leader held an independent research position will be considered towards average amounts calculated.
  2. Annual open CIHR funding held as Nominated Principal Investigator in either one of the last two fiscal years within the baseline periodFootnote 1.

Important notes:

  • For Program Leaders who have held independent research positions outside of Canada within the baseline period: CIHR will also consider the grants deemed to be equivalent to those funded through CIHR's open operating grants programs within the aforementioned calculations. To be considered equivalent, funds must originate from a federal/national level government funding organization through a competitive, peer-reviewed, open call for applications (i.e. not targeted/strategic research areas). In such instances, indirect costs (e.g. salaries for independent researchers, overhead) will not be considered towards the funded amounts.
  • In instances when calculated baseline amounts are unusually low (i.e., less than $60,000): an amount of $1 will be entered in the application as a placeholder. In this case, the applicant will be asked to propose and justify an appropriate budget to support the core component of their research program (i.e. an amount that reflects the portion of their total funding that would be supported by CIHR's open programs).
  • For applications with multiple program leaders: all open CIHR funding held as Nominated Principal Investigator by any program leader on the application will be considered when calculating the baseline budget.

A communication detailing any additional information required for baseline calculations, as well as a submission process, will be communicated to all successful applicants following the release of Stage 1 decisions.

For further details on how to complete your budget request, refer to the Enter Budget Information task of the Foundation Grant – Stage 2 Application Instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the calculation of the CIHR baseline budget, contact CIHR at support-soutien@cihr-irsc.gc.ca.

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