Launch of CIHR Foundation Grant and Project Grant funding opportunities

(2016-08-30) CIHR is pleased to announce the launch of the third Foundation Grant competition and second Project Grant competition.

Please note the following key dates:

Foundation Grant

  • Registration period: August 30 to September 13
  • Application period – Stage 1: September 14 to October 13 (the application form will be available the day after the registration deadline)
  • Funding start date: July 2017

Project Grant

  • Registration period: September 8 to September 20
  • Application period: September 8 to October 18 (the application form will be available as soon as the registration is submitted)
  • Funding start date: April 2017

As noted in the announcements published over the summer months, the next Project Grant competition will be guided by the recommendations from the Peer Review Working Group.

Please feel free to direct all additional inquiries about these funding opportunities to the CIHR Contact Centre at  

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