Lifting the restriction on applying to both Foundation and Project competitions

August 26, 2016

After receiving feedback from the research community, CIHR has decided to lift the restriction that limits researchers to applying to either the Foundation Grant or Project Grant competition. In the upcoming round of the Investigator Initiated programs, researchers will be able to apply for funding through both competitions. The restriction was originally intended to alleviate anticipated pressure on peer reviewers; however, we feel it is more important to address the concerns raised by the community.

The following policies remain in place, however:

  1. If you receive a 2016 Project grant as a Nominated Principal Applicant and go on to receive a Foundation grant as a Program Leader in future years, your Project grant will be rolled into your Foundation grant as is the case for all CIHR Investigator Initiated grants.
  2. You cannot submit the same or similar application to overlapping competitions. If, at Stage 2 of the Foundation Grant competition, it becomes obvious that the same application has been submitted to the Project Grant competition, you will be asked to withdraw one of the applications.
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