Project Grant: Eligibility

Project grants are designed to support researchers at any career stage to build and conduct health-related research and knowledge translation projects across CIHR's mandate.

The Nominated Principal Applicant must be an independent researcher or a knowledge user.

The Nominated Principal Applicant must have an academic or research appointment at an eligible institution if they are an independent researcher (see Part 4 of the CIHR Application Administration Guide for Institutional Eligibility Requirements). If the Nominated Principal Applicant is a knowledge user, there must be at least one Principal Applicant who is an independent researcher.

Projects may include one or more Principal Applicant(s) and Co-Applicant(s).

An individual cannot submit more than two Project Grant applications per competition as a Nominated Principal Applicant. If a Nominated Principal Applicant submits more than two applications, CIHR will automatically withdraw the last application submitted based on time-stamp of submission.

Individuals who hold a Foundation Grant in the role of Program Leader and were originally funded as a mid-career or senior researcher are not eligible to apply to the Project Grant competition in the role of Nominated Principal Applicant and Principal Applicant. Foundation grantees originally funded as early career researchers (ECRs) are now eligible to apply for Project Grants in the role of Nominated Principal Applicant or Principal Applicant.

Please refer to the specific funding opportunity for details on eligibility. Additional information can also be found in the CIHR Application Administration Guide..

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