Project Grant: Overview

The Project Grant program is designed to capture ideas with the greatest potential to advance health-related fundamental or applied knowledge, health research, health care, health systems, and/or health outcomes. It supports research projects proposed and conducted by individual researchers or groups of researchers in all areas of health. The best ideas may stem from new, incremental, innovative, and/or high-risk lines of inquiry or knowledge translation approaches.

The Project Grant program will:

  • Support a diverse portfolio of health-related research and knowledge translation projects at any stage, from discovery to application, including commercialization;
  • Promote relevant collaborations across disciplines, professions, and sectors; and,
  • Contribute to the creation and use of health-related knowledge.

Applications that focus on carrying out ethical and culturally competent research involving Indigenous Peoples, with the intent to promote health through research that is in keeping with Indigenous values and traditions may be reviewed by the Indigenous Health Research (IHR) Committee. The IHR Committee may deem an application eligible for the Iterative Peer Review Process. The objective of the Iterative Peer Review Process is to allow applicants whose applications have been deemed excellent, the opportunity to provide minor clarifications that would see the application improve to become outstanding. For an application to be considered for review by the IHR committee specific requirements need to be met (please see funding opportunity).

Within the overall competition budget, a portion will be reserved to ensure that the proportion of grants funded is at least equal to the proportion of applications submitted by early career researchers (ECRs), female applicants and for applicants submitting applications written in French.  Should the full amount set aside not be required, all remaining funds will be returned to the Project grant competition to further increase the number of grants funded. Competition processes and peer review for these cohorts will be fully integrated within the competition as a whole with no additional steps being required on the part of the applicant.

Grant values are proportionate to the requirements of the research proposed and vary depending on the research field, research approach, and scope of project activities.

Project Grant applications follow a single-stage committee-based peer review evaluation process:

  • Prior to the face-to-face committee meeting, expert reviewers will review their assigned applications remotely by focusing on the concept (i.e., significance and impact of the research) and the feasibility (i.e., approaches and methods, and expertise, experience and resources) of the project. For each application assigned to them, reviewers will provide a numerical rating using a common 0-4.9 adjudication scale.
  • At the face-to-face committee meeting, the same expert reviewers meet to streamline, discuss and rate applications. Their assessments are used as the basis for funding recommendations.

There are two Project Grant competitions a year. Deadline dates are posted in the funding opportunity.

A Notice of Recommendation (NOR), individual reviewer assessments and Scientific Officer notes (if available) will be provided to all applicants after recommendations from the face-to-face committee meetings have been collected. The final results will be provided via the Notice of Decision (NOD).

Details on how to apply are available in the funding opportunity. You may also consult the Project Grant Registration and Application Instructions for more information.

Additional grant information can also be accessed through the following resources:

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