Rare Diseases Drug Repurposing Funding Opportunities

We are pleased to welcome Muscular Dystrophy Canada as a valued partner of our two rare diseases drug repurposing funding programs: E-Rare-3 Joint Transnational Call 2016 (JTC2016), and North American Re:Rare (NAR:R).

Both opportunities have been co-developed in order to cover a broad range of clinical research translational programs. JTC2016 focuses on clinical trials projects—either from preclinical studies to phase 1b or 2a— enabling collaborations with European partners, and is done in collaboration with the FRQ-S. We are pleased to be working with FRQ-S, to maximize Canadian participation in this exciting initiative that complements our ongoing efforts to advance the rare diseases research agenda. NAR:R supports proof-of-principle clinical research conducted jointly by Canadian and American researchers in order to generate sufficient evidence to enable the use of marketed compounds for a new rare disease indication. NAR:R has been co-developed with CuresWithinReach, is supported by the MindSet Foundation and will also benefit from a partnership with Mitacs through which additional training opportunities will be available. The addition of Muscular Dystrophy Canada to those initiatives will not only increase the opportunities for the researchers, but also bring an additional perspective as we plan the next phases of these programs.

More information about those research programs is available here:

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