Knowledge Translation Guidance Document for DSEN Researchers and Stakeholders - Long descriptions

Appendix 1: KT in the DSEN Query Process

The DSEN Query Process Map starts at the left of the graph with the submission of a Query to DSEN by a decision-maker. This Query is then initially evaluated by the DSEN Coordinating office. The DSEN Coordinating Office can decide that the Query is out of scope or needs additional information and if so returns the Query to the decision-maker. If the DSEN Coordinating Office is satisfied with the Query, the next step is to submit the Query to the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) for feasibility assessment. The SAC can: 1- decide that the Query is not feasible and return it to the decision-maker; 2- decide that the Query is feasible, but not by any of the DSEN teams (in which case the process to launch an open call using CIHR usual funding tools and peer review is considered); 3- decide that the Query if feasible by one or more DSEN teams. For a Query deemed feasible by DSEN, the following steps are development and refinement of the Query, then formal submission. Once formally submitted, the Query is prioritized by the DSEN Steering Committee. After prioritization and if the Query does not require further review, the research team(s) start work. In cases of more complex Queries, the DSEN Steering Committee can recommend using the Rapid Funding for DSEN Targeted Research tool. The funding can either be approved or not approved. If approved, research begins. If not approved, the DSEN CO evaluates the Query for reconsideration or for routing as an open call. Once research is completed, the research results are communicated back to the submitter prior to other dissemination activities being considered. On the graph, an arrow indicates "You are Here", showing where the knowledge translation phase starts in the whole DSEN Query Process.

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Appendix 3: Suggested format for one-pager Research Abstract

Top of the page:

DSEN Research Abstract

Insert Query title

Left side column:

  • Summary
    Insert summary of research results
  • Key messages
    Insert clinical implications, cautionary notes, etc.
  • Authors
    Insert name of authors
  • For more information, please contact
    Insert principal author's name and email address

Body of the page:

  • What is the issue?
    Insert background
  • Objective
    Insert objective of the study
  • How was the study conducted?
    Insert the method used to conduct the study
  • What did the study find?
    Insert the results of the study

Bottom of the page:

This research was funded by the Drug Safety and effectiveness Network/CIHR and conducted by investigators affiliated with the following institutions:

CIHR logo and spaces for institution logos

Link to publication (if available)

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