Summary of the results of the Stage 1 review process for the first Foundation Scheme Pilot

(2014-12-10) The Stage 1 review process for the first Foundation Scheme pilot is now complete. A total of 1366 applications were reviewed by an average of 5 reviewers. Based on the reviews, each application received a consolidated ranking and a standard deviation. The consolidated ranking is the average of all reviewers' individual rankings of the application, expressed as a percentage. The standard deviation indicates the variability among reviewer rankings. The total distribution of applications is provided below.

Figure 1: Total Distribution of Applications

Figure 1 long description

After analyzing the results of the competition and the available budget, we have invited 467 applicants to submit a Stage 2 application. These applications are colour coded in the above distribution. Applications were selected if either:

  • At least two reviewers ranked the application above the 78th percentile of their ranked list; or
  • The application had a minimum consolidated ranking above the 65th percentile for the whole competition.

At this point in the process, it is anticipated that between 150-210 applications will be funded in this first pilot. A minimum of 15% of the funded grants will be allocated to new/early career investigators.

Applicants have been provided with their individual results which include the consolidated rank, the standard deviation and the ratings and comments from reviewers.

Please visit the CIHR website to learn more about the Reforms of Open Programs and peer review processes. If you have any questions about this pilot competition, contact

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