Phase I – eHealth Innovations Partnership Program – Long Description

Funding continuum of the innovation pipeline

Stages of the innovation pipeline

Technology readiness level Stage Title Description Funding mechanism Timing/amount
1 Innovative research CIHR/NSERC
2-3 1 Incubator Market-driven eHealth solution development (hardware and software for new apps and devices) Business incubators
4-5 2 Prototype Early implementation and acceptability testing NRC-IRAP
Economic development agencies
New and up to 18 months prior
6-7 3 Experimental implementation Integration into health and social programs and multi-site controlled evaluation of cost, quality and safety CIHR eHIPP
And provincial health research organizations
$187,500/year for four years from CIHR
Matched equally by partners for a total of $1.5M over four years
8-9 N/A Outcomes
  • Growing Canadian eHealth sector with validated, real-world solutions
  • Improved cost-benefit, safety and quality healthcare

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