Geneviève Dubois-Flynn

Geneviève Dubois-Flynn, PhD
Manager, Ethics Strategies, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Geneviève has a degree in law and a PhD in philosophy. After several teaching assignments in bioethics at the University of Ottawa, she joined the National Council on Ethics in Human Research where she was in charge of evaluation activities. In her subsequent position at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, she led several policy files and launched the Best Practices for Health Research Involving Children and Adolescents, a project in partnership with the Genomics Policy Centre at McGill. She was also a member of the Ottawa ethics of cluster randomized trials Consensus Group. She organized research ethics workshops for the Canadian Bioethics Society and the Canadian Society for International Health; has been the speaker representing Canada at the annual European Commission international dialogues on bioethics and has been on the steering committee of the Global Forum on Bioethics in Research.

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