IPPH Featured Research Profiles: Global health

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research distributes federal health research dollars through 13 virtual institutes that champion specific aspects of health. Institutes often partner to fund initiatives of mutual interest or support work of interest to multiple institutes. Many CIHR institutes – including IPPH – fund projects that aim to improve population health and reduce health inequities.

Health systems strengthening

Project: Global cancer directions consultation in South Africa

Funding type: Dissemination events
Principal investigator: Cindy Gauvreau, Centre for Global Health Research, St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto, ON)

Researchers hosted a consultation to bring together cancer care decision makers and other high-level stakeholders from low- and middle-income countries with researchers who are assessing disease and health systems strategies through the Disease Control Priorities Network (DCPN). The consultation is expected to advance evidence-based national cancer research and care provision in low- and middle-income countries. Research findings may be accessed through the DCPN website under the Cancer Volume.

Project: Knowledge translation of lack of effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment as prevention in a programmatic setting in rural Uganda

Funding type: Dissemination events (Priority announcement: HIV/AIDS)
Principal investigator: David Moore, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C)

Researchers shared findings from a study of couples in rural Uganda where one partner was HIV positive and the other was HIV negative. Meetings were held with senior management of the AIDS Support Organization, a workshop was held with policy makers in the Ugandan Ministry of Health, non-governmental organizations and leaders of affected Ugandan communities, findings were shared at the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention and a study manuscript was published online.

Project: Social and ethical challenges to HIV and tuberculosis health care: expanding the discourse on integration via roundtable discussion at the 6th South African AIDS Conference

Funding type: Dissemination events (Priority announcement: HIV/AIDS)
Principal investigators: Liviana Calzavara and Amrita Daftary, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Researchers hosted a multidisciplinary symposium on social and ethical challenges related to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis co-infection at the 2013 South African AIDS Conference. The event promoted international knowledge exchange, and helped build global capacity to address emerging issues in health care for HIV-related co-morbidities. Additional information may be viewed on the project web site.


Project: Canada-China studies on the emerging zoonotic agent Streptococcus suis

Funding type: China-Canada Joint Health Research Initiative
Principal investigator: Marcelo Gottschalk, University of Montreal (Montreal, QC)

Researchers are using mouse models to study how animals respond to the emerging Streptococcus suis disease which is transmitted from pigs to humans and is a leading cause of adult meningitis in Asia.

Project: Tuberculosis – Portrait of the global killer in Canada and around the world

Funding type: CIHR Café Scientifique Program
Principal investigator: Marcel Behr (website), McGill University (Montreal, QC)

Leading tuberculosis experts sat down with Montreal residents to describe the ongoing tuberculosis epidemic and efforts being taken to combat the disease.

For more information, visit the project website or the McGill International TB Centre.

Project: An exploration of fathers' infant-caring practices and consequences for child health in South Africa.

Funding type: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral Award)
Principal investigator: Gareth Mercer, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C.)

Little is known about how men in South Africa contribute to the care of young children, especially in HIV-affected families. This study aims to describe patterns of fathers' infant-caring practices and to identify possible links between fathers' involvement and improved child health.


Project: The effects of curcumin and its synthetic analogues on chronic diabetic complications

Funding type: China-Canada Joint Health Research Initiative
Principal investigator: Zia Khan, University of Western Ontario (London, ON)

Researchers are using cell cultures and animal models to test whether curcumin (curry extract) can prevent blood vessel complications in patients with diabetes.

For more information, visit the project website.

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