IPPH Featured Research Profiles: Implementation systems for population health interventions in public health and other sectors

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research distributes federal health research dollars through 13 virtual institutes that champion specific aspects of health. Institutes often partner to fund initiatives of mutual interest or support work of interest to multiple institutes. Many CIHR institutes – including IPPH – fund projects that aim to improve population health and reduce health inequities.

Population health intervention research (PHIR) policy

Project: Using national frameworks to guide local health policy development: lessons from a case study of child and youth mental health policy making in the Yukon

Funding type: Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis (Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health)
Principal investigator: Gillian Mulvale, McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)

Researchers will work with the Yukon government to identify how the territory’s child and youth mental health policies work and will compare these to policies in other provinces and countries similar to the Yukon in terms of economic development, geography and needs of aboriginal populations. Possible ways to improve health policies in the Yukon will be identified and meetings will be held with Yukon health leaders to discuss these options.

PHIR program

Project: A supervisor training program for work disability prevention: A cluster randomized control trial

Funding type: Operating Grant (Priority Announcement: Population Health Intervention Research)
Principal investigator: Vicki Kristman, Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, ON)

Researchers will randomize supervisors in a large company into two groups: a control group and an experimental group that will receive training on how to respond to musculoskeletal and other workplace injuries. Workplace records will be used to determine worker outcomes such as time lost due to injuries and sick days across the two groups.

PHIR resource distribution

Project: Resource allocation in pediatric tertiary care institutions

Funding type: Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis
Principal investigator: Craig Mitton, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C.)

Researchers will assess policy options for priority setting and resource allocation in pediatric tertiary care settings. Researchers will complete a comparative policy analysis that examines what pediatric institutions across Canada are doing and will develop a set of guidelines to help inform the process for priority setting and resource allocation in pediatric tertiary care settings.

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