Institutes Modernization

The CIHR Act directs Governing Council (GC) to "review the mandate and performance of each Health Research Institute at least every five years after it is established and determine whether its mandate or the policies respecting its role and functioning should be amended or whether it should be merged with another Health Research Institute or terminated." (Section 21, Bill C-13).

The International Review Panel (IRP), mandated to evaluate CIHR's performance, noted in its 2011 report the importance of a periodic "review of the slate of Institutes to ensure that CIHR is supporting an evolving research landscape" and recommended that GC form "a working group to examine whether the slate of CIHR Institutes is appropriate".

Governing Council has now completed the Institutes Model Review. As mandated in the CIHR Act and as recommended by the 2011 International Review Panel, this review assessed the structure, role, policies, financial framework and slate of the CIHR Institutes. Governing Council wishes to thank everyone for their contribution to this important process and, in particular, the members of the External and Internal Working Groups for their thoughtful reports and recommendations.

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