Pilots and quality assurance studies – implementation of new investigator initiated programs and peer review processes

CIHR is conducting pilots and quality assurance studies to inform the implementation of CIHR's new investigator initiated programs and peer review processes.

As studies are completed, they will be made available to contribute to the body of literature on program and peer review design.

Pilot analysis reports

Since 2013, CIHR has piloted specific design elements such as structured application, remote review; rating scale and streamlined CV through a series of funding programs.

Pilots are being conducted so that CIHR can monitor outcomes in an evidence informed fashion. CIHR is consulting with key stakeholders (internal and external), on both the design and testing phases. The pilots are being closely scrutinized to safeguard the reliability, consistency, fairness and efficiency of the competition and peer review processes.

The results from pilots completed to date have been analyzed and consolidated into the following reports. Additional reports will be added as they become available.

Baseline reports

CIHR is developing a series of baseline reports that summarize the historical performance data of investigator-initiated operating grant programs. These reports will be used to establish the baseline data for the new Open Suite of Programs (i.e., Project and Foundation Grant programs).

Internal reviews

  • May 2016: Intrnal reforms implementation project reviews

Peer-reviewed journal articles

CIHR is assessing features of the new peer review processes, such as its reliability, consistency, and fairness. The following article was published to contribute to the body of literature on peer review design.

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