IA Strategic Plan 2013-2018: Living Longer, Living Better – Long descriptions

Figure 1: Strategic Directions

First strategic direction

Optimizing population health and wellness over the trajectory of aging

Priority 1:

The Life Course Trajectory as a Determinant of Active, and Satisfying Aging

Priority 2:

Adding Life to the Late years

Priority 3:

Interventions Appropriate to the Complexity of older People’s State of Health

Priority 4:

Health Care and Services that Combine and Integrate Continuity, Innovation and efficiency

Priority 5:

Ensuring the Conditions for a Positive Impact on older People’s Health and Wellness

Second strategic direction

Addressing the complex health challenges of older adults

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Figure 2: Seniors by age Sub-groups as % of the total population, Canada, 1921-2041

This figure represents the percentage of seniors, by age sub-group (65-74, 75-84 and 85+), that make-up the total population of Canada in a given year. The chart begins in 1921 where seniors represented approximately 5% of the Canadian population. This number is expected to increase to approximately 23% by 2041. By looking at this chart, it is evident that the senior population of Canada has increased with the years, but more importantly that it will continue to do so at an incredible pace in the years to come.

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