CBPHC Innovation team: Walter Wodchis

Project title

Implementing models of primary health care for older adults with complex needs

Principal investigators

  • Walter P Wodchis (University of Toronto)
  • Benjamin Chan (University of Toronto)
  • Toni Ashton (University Of Auckland New Zealand)


People need a health system that addresses their needs, either minor and discrete or complex and continuous. Most countries are seeking knowledge of better models of CBPHC delivery to address emerging challenges to manage chronic disease and to improve the value of the health system. A population-based model that improves access and quality of occasional contacts for most and intensive well-managed care for individuals with complex care needs and high cost is needed to achieve better care, improved health, and cost management. We will implement a three-phase program of research based in Canada and new Zealand wherein we will discover, develop and compare innovative delivery models of CBPHC and assess the contextual conditions associated with success or failure. The goal of the research program is to understand how to scale-up successful innovative models of CBPHC. Decision makers in the health system need to understand what they can do to facilitate innovation that results in better care, improved population health, and cost management. Clinicians need more collaborative models of care delivery that facilitate patient-centred care particularly for individuals with complex needs.

Funded by the CIHR Signature Initiative in Community-Based Primary Health Care and the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

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