CBPHC Innovation team: Moira Stewart

Project title

Patient-centred innovations for persons with multimorbidity (PACE in MM)

Principal investigators

  • Moira Stewart (Western University)
  • Martin Fortin (Université de Sherbrooke)


Males and females with chronic conditions are likely to have more than one condition, but the health care system is mostly designed for managing one condition at a time. Our team proposes innovations in chronic disease prevention and management (CDPM) that will: reorient care from a single disease focus to a multimorbidity focus; centre on not only disease but also the patient in context; and realign the health care system from separate silos to coordinated collaborations.

The research will analyse female and male patients separately in three parts of the proposed research: first when examining existing initiatives for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in a Realist Synthesis; second in a qualitative study of innovations; and third when testing the innovations in care in relation to outcomes of patient health and the health care system. Patients’ gender characteristics will be analysed during the testing of the innovations in care through examining patients’ perspectives of   professional or working status, marital and family status, social engagement, and gender identity.

Our team involves members from British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, in addition to a Quebec-Ontario bilingual partnership.  We anticipate impacts on important patient intermediate self-perceived outcomes (empowerment and self-management, psychological distress, self-efficacy in managing chronic disease, quality of life) as well as health services utilization and cost.

Funded by the CIHR Signature Initiative in Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC)

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