CBPHC Innovation team: Clare Liddy

Project title

Advancing primary healthcare for persons living with HIV in Canada

Principal investigators

  • Clare E Liddy (Bruyère Research Institute, Ottawa)
  • Claire Kendall (University of Ottawa)
  • Carla Ens (Government of Manitoba)
  • Frank McGee (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care)
  • Shabnam Asghari (Memorial University Of Newfoundland)
  • Marissa Becker (University of Manitoba)
  • Christopher P Kaposy (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Sean B Rourke (Ontario HIV Treatment Network)


Persons with HIV are living longer, better quality lives with treatment and care improvements, yet HIV has evolved from an acute to a chronic condition, characterized by multiple co-morbidities. Advances have brought new challenges: diseases of aging such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer which are now common among this population group. The way that HIV care has been organized and delivered in Canada no longer meets the needs of the population. The aim of the living with HIV (IHIV) innovation team is to conduct the foundational work required to shift the majority of HIV care to the CBPHC community, while maintaining essential ties to specialist HIV care. We will conduct our project across three provinces; Manitoba, Ontario, and Newfoundland & Labrador. We will close gaps in the continuum of care for people with HIV by developing quality of care indicators, introducing ehealth solutions to support patient self-management and physician decision-making and creating a toolkit to support providers in navigating HIV care provision ethical issues. Our research and interventions will help us transform the capacity of the primary health care sector to provide comprehensive, integrated HIV care.

Funded by the CIHR Signature Initiative in Community-Based Primary Health Care.

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