CBPHC Innovation team: Alan Katz

Project title

Innovation in community based primary healthcare supporting transformation in the health of First Nations and rural/remote Manitoba communities: iPHIT

Principal investigators

  • Alan Katz (University of Manitoba)
  • Kathi Avery Kinew (Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs)
  • David M Greggory (University of Regina)
  • Josée G Lavoie (University of Northern British Columbia)


The poor health status and higher rates of hospitalization experienced by many First Nations is evidence of the need to invest in effective CBPHC. Evidence suggests that beyond their isolated locations and often disadvantaged socio-economic status, First Nations and rural and remote communities inherit policy decisions made with urban centres in mind, which may contribute to negative health outcomes. To date, no research has identified the services and conditions necessary for effective CBPHC in First Nations and rural and remote communities. Our research team will fill this knowledge gap by identifying communities that have developed effective CBPHC models, describing these models of care and identifying key components from First Nations, rural and remote communities’ shared perspective. This will enable the development of health care models to improve the scope and delivery of CBPHC services and support the implementation of models to bring about better health outcomes.

Funded by the CIHR Signature Initiative in Community-based Primary Health Care.

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