CBPHC Innovation team: Eva Grunfeld

Project title

Canadian team to improve community-based cancer care along the continuum (CanIMPACT)

Principal investigator

Eva Grunfeld (University of Toronto)


Cancer is of critical importance from the perspective of CBPHC because of the complexity and urgency of care needs. As such, CBPHC providers must concurrently provide comprehensive care to cancer patients who are at different points along the care continuum. We will focus our research on four specific vulnerable populations (older adults, northern/rural/remote, low income and immigrants) with a special focus on breast cancer. Our program involves four streams of analysis: diagnosis of symptomatic cancer, treatment, survivorship and personalized medicine (PM). We will use quantitative and qualitative methods to develop and test a toolkit and framework for shared care that is applicable to the cancer continuum and to PM. The development of relevant tools in this rapidly changing area of personalized medicine and a framework to improve coordination of care could improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

Funded by the CIHR Signature Initiative in Community-based Primary Health Care.

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