CBPHC Innovation team: Rick Audas

Project title

Barriers and facilitators in access to child/youth mental health services: A mixed methods, inter-sectorial study in Atlantic Canada

Principal investigators

  • Rick Audas (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Scott Ronis (University of New Brunswick)
  • Kathleen C Tilleczek (University of Prince Edward Island)
  • Michael Zhang (Saint Mary’s University)


Mental health conditions have a profound impact on children and youth, and coordinated delivery of CBPHC is essential to improving health outcomes. Our research team from the Atlantic Provinces, in collaboration with a wide-range of government and non-governmental organizations, will implement a research program to examine the barriers and facilitators of services available to children, young adults and their caregivers with five mental health conditions that have a significant impact on society (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Eating Disorders, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression). We will examine how each of these conditions is managed in the four Atlantic Provinces, allowing for inter-jurisdictional and inter-provincial comparisons. We will use a three-pronged approach consisting of administrative data, individual patient stories about their journey and operations research to simulate and study alternative models of care delivery. The compiled evidence will be used to suggest how CBPHC can be better coordinated to improve health, educational and social outcomes.

Funded by the CIHR Signature Initiative in Community-based Primary Health Care.

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