Personalized Medicine events

November 2016

Launch of the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine, ICPerMed

Personalized medicine is a promising new concept for dealing with challenges of health and health systems. With the launch of the International Consortium of Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed), European countries aim to coordinate health research policy to advance the implementation of personalized medicine. The initiative brings together health research funders and policy making organizations from 28 countries five regions and the European Commission (EC). CIHR is proud to be part of this consortium.

October 2016

Genome Canada Forum on Genomics and Precision Health
October 4-5, 2016
Toronto, ON

The aim of this meeting was to develop a strategy to advance the implementation of genomics into the clinic. International perspectives, the Canadian context and patient perspectives were all represented. The forum included a Satellite Meeting that brought together the 17 projects funded in the 2012 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition in Genomics and Personalized Health as well as other Genome Canada funded projects in the health sector (e.g., Genome Canada's Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) and the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) Dream Team) in order to discuss lessons learned from their projects on the path to implementation of genomics into the clinic.

June 2016

International Congress on Personalized Health Care
June 12-15, 2016
Montreal, QC

The aim of this world première is to bring together more than 1000 specialists, researchers, academics, clinicians, managers, economists, representatives of patient associations, ethicists and experts from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, information and communication technology (ICT) in health and medical technology fields in order to share ideas and pool resources with regards to the development of personalized medicine.

May 2016

DNA on Loan
May 16-17, 2016
Wendake, QC

The "DNA on Loan: Exploring Biobanking with Indigenous Values" will be a forum to explore the issues surrounding long term storage of biological samples when research involves the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. We will build from the former CIHR Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal People (2009), and the current Canadian Tri-council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (chapter 9, 2014). The objectives are to provide national and international views on good practice and policy in this area and encourage dialogue that will provide background for enhancing our current Canadian policy.

October 2015

Drug, Sex and Genes Workshop
October 2, 2015
Montréal, QC

This conference was co-organized by the CIHR Institute of Cancer Research, the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health, and the CIHR Institute of Genetics. Our goal is to impact patient outcomes by better understanding sex-drug-gene interactions and their related health consequences. The Sex, Drugs and Genes Conference provided an opportunity to open a dialogue to inform the development of pharmacogenomics activities (e.g. research funding, platforms development, implementation facilitators) with key stakeholders, including members of academia, the healthcare sector, regulators and industry.

The three main objectives of this conference supporting our desired outcome are:

  • To identify key issues faced in the implementation of mature pharmacogenomics approaches, including target drugs and populations, as well as systems and healthcare processes.
  • To develop a comprehensive view of the Canadian pharmacogenomics landscape;
  • To identify key research investment areas.

June 2015

Coordination and Support Action PerMed SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) on Personalised Medicine
June 2, 2015
Brussels, Belgium

The aim of the initiative is to generate and implement innovations in diagnosis, therapy, prevention and ICT with economic value and fair access for citizens. Five key challenges have been identified:

  • Developing awareness and empowerment
  • Integrating Big Data and ICT solutions
  • Clinical Research and Beyond
  • Bringing Innovation to the Market
  • Shaping Sustainable Health Care

May 2015

Montreal Summit on Genetic Counseling in Canada
May 29, 2015
Montréal, QC

This one day summit will bring leaders in genetic counseling training, accreditation, and certification, together with policy makers and funders to participate in large and small group discussion activities and networking to explore possibilities for effective delivery of genomic healthcare in Canada, and the possible role of genetic counsellors in this effort.

March 2015

Personalized Medicine Best Brain Exchange
March 23, 2015
Ottawa, ON

Canada as a Leader in the Development and Deployment of Precision/Personalized Medicine: The BBE was designed to provide the Advisory Panel for Healthcare Innovation with research evidence regarding the current and potential future impact of precision/personalized medicine on the Canadian healthcare system.

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