Ethics reform at CIHR

To implement its mandate in the area of ethics, CIHR has developed an Ethics action plan that is aligned with strategic directions in ethics set out in Health Research Roadmap II. This plan was endorsed by CIHR’s Governing Council (GC) and then finalized and approved by the GC Standing Committee on Ethics in January 2015.

The objectives of the Ethics action plan are to:

  • Strengthen ethics leadership and impact in meeting CIHR’s mandate; and
  • Systematically embed ethics, consideration of ethical issues, and application of ethical principles into CIHR’s business.

The six action areas of the Ethics action plan are described in the executive summary.

Task force on Ethics reform

The Task Force on Ethics Reform (2012-2013) at CIHR helped evaluate whether CIHR currently meets its ethics mandate and whether the current organizational structure is optimal to do so.




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